Property Male Champions of Change Report

Earlier this month, the Property Male Champions of Change (PMCC) released a commitment document outlining a pledge made by 21 of the most senior leaders from the property sector. The pledge was to increase the representation of women in senior and decision making positions within their respective organisations through “breaking the boy’s club, addressing out of date work practices and attitudes and inflexible approaches to the way we work”. The PMCC were inspired by the Founding Male Champions of Change, a group first established by the former Australian Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick in 2010.

Through this commitment document, the PMCC – made up of such CEOs and leaders in the property industry as Steve McCann, Group CEO of Lend Lease, Ken Morrison, Chief Executive of the Property Council of Australian and Mark Steinert, CEO of Stockland – have made a public disclosure of their current female representation numbers as well as a commitment to 6 action steps to improve these numbers.

The aim of the PMCC is to “step up beside women, and take action to increase women’s representation in leadership positions”. Their efforts to date have included a period of “listening to and learning from their teams, their female peers and experts in the field”, to inform next steps and further actions. Most importantly, there is a commitment by the 21 signees to hold themselves accountable for results and to report publicly on the actions taken and the results realised.

The group is convened by Carol Schwartz, AM, herself a well-known and deeply respected advocate for gender equality across Australian businesses. The report was developed in partnership with the Property Council of Australia and EY.

We applaud the focus on this business-critical agenda by the PMCC and the commitment shown by 21 of the most influential leaders in the property sector, which has, to date, been under-represented by women in positions of influence. We look forward to hearing of the outcomes from the PMCC in coming months.