New research resource will help you build your business case

The Women and Public Policy Program at the Harvard Kennedy School has launched the Gender Action Portal to provide evidence-based reports on efforts to close the gender gap.

The portal is a research resource helping users find the results of scientific experiments and “the impact of policies, strategies and organisational practices aimed at closing gender gaps in the areas of economic opportunity, politics, health, and education to help translate research into action and take successful interventions to scale”.

The portal allows site users to search by “intervention” or by a set number of specific areas including “talent management”, “political representation”, “quotas” and “business case”. You can also search by date, which will activate a world map dotted with markers for any location producing work in the year you select. For example, in selecting 2014, we found a handful of reports including one from the US looking at whether having a daughter influences the way judges’ rule on cases about women’s issues. Fascinating!