Improve your personal branding

It’s sad but true, appearances count when it comes to getting the senior executive roles and salaries. Your professional image tells the world who you are and where you’re going.  People will judge you firstly by what you wear and how you speak, and then by the words you say – and they will do it in the first six seconds of your meeting. In this brief time people will decide whether they like you, trust you or want to work with you.

Our personal brand is how we are seen by those who know us and it is how we are remembered by those we meet.  It is important to separate your personal brand from where you work, many people struggle to define themselves beyond the company they work for or the job titles they hold. To have a strong personal brand you need to be able to identify your key strengths and expertise and then communicate your message consistently. This personal messaging includes how you communicate and present yourself in all aspects of your professional life.

We’ve found candidates are often looking for that extra advantage to help them move up to senior executive roles. So we’ve launched the first part of our services to help you improve your Personal Brand – our Visual Branding offering. Over the next few months, we’ll also be helping you improve your interview and CV preparation and your presentation skills.