Equal Pay Day just around the corner – thoughts from our newsletter

4th of September 2017 marks Equal Pay Day in Australia. This day symbolises the extra time, from the last financial year, that women work for free when compared to their male counterparts.

As women, each year we hope that this gap has narrowed and each year we are reminded of how far we still are from pay equity. Each year we are asked to add our voices to the outcry against this inequality and each year we have to wonder where does that get us?

Talking is good and bringing the gender pay gap into the light is important. But action is better. So, we are challenging every woman who believes that the gender pay gap is ridiculous (just as we do) to ask their employer directly to show them what is being done to narrow the pay gap in their team, their department and their organisation.

We need to do more than just talk about it, we need to ask employers to “show us the money”.

We have included some interesting reading about the momentum that closing the gender pay gap is having not just here in Australia, but around the world: