Call out sexist ads with #notbuyingit app

Check out the great new app #NotBuyingIt which allows you to call out sexist and demeaning advertising.

The app, launched in February, uses a twitter hashtag to make it easy for people to publicise and share sexist advertising when they see it as well as rally others to contact the company or boycott the brand. The campaign also includes the hashtag #MediaWeLike.

I was pleased to be able to help fund the development of this app and be part of the creative collaboration team at The Representation Project that developed the initiative. So please do support it.

Advertising agencies do everything possible to make the most attention-seeking ads but sexism is too often the lazy way many achieve this. The app is already having a serious impact influencing the way that companies such as Go Daddy, Harrods, Amazon, Disney and Nordtrom advertise.

The Representation Project first came to public attention with the exceptional 2011 documentary MissRepresentation directed by project founder Jennifer Siebel Newsom. Learn more through this recent profile in The Guardian. Jennifer now has Hollywood in her sights. We will be cheering her on and supporting where we can.