AHRI recommendations for improving gender equity in Australian workplaces

At the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) Gender Equity in the Workplace Summit earlier this year, Optimiss took part in a working group session brainstorming the way forward for gender equity in Australian workplaces. The following recommendations from this work will soon be launched in the AHRI Gender Equity in the Workplace Report:

1. A national campaign promoting public awareness and engagement with gender equity, highlighting its importance for economic prosperity and social well-being

2. Organisations to set targets to achieve 40 per cent of each gender in management and executive leadership positions. Performance against these targets to be measured and reported annually to key stakeholders

3. Boards to achieve 40 per cent gender targets by 2015, via a ‘3 in 3’ process, with one woman added to the board each year as required

4. Organisations to undertake annual gender pay audits and eliminate pay differentials based on gender

5. Organisations to establish ‘scorecards’ at leadership levels that promote flexibility practices

6. The Federal Government to provide 100 per cent tax deductibility for child care expenses for working parents

7. The Federal Government to provide funding for dedicated gender education programs in schools and businesses to promote the values the Women Empowerment Principles

8. Organisations to sign up to the Women’s Empowerment principles CEO Statement of Support and provide a report to their stakeholders on progress each year.

What do you think of these recommendations? Let us know?