Our approach

Optimiss Consulting is able to provide organisations with a detailed understanding of their progress in terms of diversity and inclusion outcomes and the implementation of key change drivers for better gender balance.

Our Advisory work involves strategic analysis, planning, reporting and support for tailored diversity programs and strategies to increase the retention and recruitment of female talent across all levels of your organisation through inclusive work practices.

We bring new perspectives that engage both men and women in order to bring about sustainable change.

Your unique requirements

We respect each client’s unique circumstances and we tailor diversity solutions that meet these requirements. We work within your needs, resources and budget.

Key people processes

We work with you to understand your current diversity and inclusion policies and practices and identify opportunities for your organisation in the key areas of female recruitment, performance reviews, flexibility, succession planning, development opportunities, pay equity and promotion decisions.

Leadership development & HR capabilities

We work with leaders and HR professionals who are tasked with bringing about change. We can assist you in raising the capability of your decision makers to gain the greatest impact for their efforts around your diversity and inclusion goals.

A pragmatic approach

We understand your competing business requirements and provide solutions that avoid conformity including practices that we know don’t work.

Inclusive work environment

We can help you create an environment of inclusion that will see your employees meet their full potential and in turn, help you realise a greater return on your investment.

A new perspective

We bring a new perspective which includes engaging with both men and women to bring about true gender balance.

How can we help you?

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